April 13, 2024

Bone Health Increasingly Important for Women 50+

Many women don’t realize issues common to women’s health are likely to affect them as well. The general assumption about things like breast cancer and osteoporosis is that they only happen to others.

However, if you’re a woman over the age of fifty, you have a 25% chance of already having osteoporosis.
A diet deficient in calcium or vitamin D can cause this disorder, which leads to thinning of the bones.

A weak skeletal system means having painful joints, lack of core strength and frequent fractures. Before you have to get a hip replacement, make right choice and get your calcium levels checked.

A quick blood test is vital in determining where you stand in terms of bone health.

A bone mineral density test is even more accurate.

If your bone calcium levels are low, you can take supplements to correct the deficiency. It is also beneficial to adjust your lifestyle for long term benefits, if needed.

Eating healthy and exercising can make a dramatic impact in boosting bone health.