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Giving Back with Gratitude

The gifting season is almost here! And while we are gearing up to hit the stores to shop for our loved ones it is also an important time to think of those who are less...
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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Here’s some serious food for thought: Statistics show that on average we probably consume from 3,000 to 5,000 calories around theĀ ThanksgivingĀ table. But while eating often takes center stage during the holidays, that doesn’t mean we...
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Hormones and Allergies

Hormones and the body’s immune system are interconnected so it is no surprise that when women go through hormonal transitions at different stages of their lives, allergies can become worse or appear seemingly out of...
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Breast Density and Estrogen Dominance

You go for your regular breast screening and the doctor tells you that you have increased breast density which is a strong known risk for breast cancer. So, what does it mean? Breast tissue is...
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