How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Cost?

Here at The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy, we try to give you the most cost effective options.

Are you wondering, “How much would bioidentical hormone therapy cost me?”

The simple answer is: the maximum cost through The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy is $85 for a monthly supply (which may contain 4-5 active ingredients vs. traditional medication that you may have to pay for each active ingredient individually).

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The average cost for hormones range from $31-$85 per month depending on the volume.

But the really good news is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy cost is usually offset by substantial savings related to eliminating other medications and improvements in overall health and quality of life.

This will cover your physician consultations, the costs you are going to incur in labs, as well as the pharmacies and supplements you will be prescribed by your doctor.

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As their treatment continues after the first year, patients have been known to lose weight, stop taking cholesterol and high blood pressure medications.

They also save time spent in other doctors’ offices waiting for treatment for multiple symptoms, save money on copays for medications no longer needed and save their jobs by eliminating poor work performance issues.

BHRT can even save a marriage, if health and sex are points of contention.  Divorce can be very expensive.

When it comes to slowing down the aging process, bioidentical hormone therapy can noticeably improve the physical appearance of most women who use it properly and regularly.  This is likely due to estrogen’s beneficial “fountain of youth” effects on skin.

The cost of Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can, in the end, not only make life worth living again, but can also encourage health and wellness on a whole new level despite age factors.

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