Are Toxins Making You Fat?

We are all exposed to a wide variety of fat soluble toxins that tend to accumulate in our body fat as we get older. Managing our detoxification systems properly as we lose weight is an important determining factor in how much progress we make and whether or not we reach a goal weight. Experts say this problem applies to virtually everyone.

And the problem appears to be getting worse as pollution around the world continues to grow and parallel the rapid global obesity epidemic. These chemicals accumulate in the food chain in animal, dairy, and fish, which are then consumed by humans.  We don’t actually know how bad the exposure is right now, but PBCs (polychlorinated biphenyls), for example, last hundreds of years and decompose into even more toxicityrelated chemicals.

Research shows that PCBs are particularly hard on women (as they naturally have a higher percentage of body fat) and have been linked to diabetes risk in women.  PCBs also bind to estrogen receptors and can double the risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women and quadruple it in postmenopausal women who are genetically susceptible.

Detoxification And Weight Loss

BroccoliCucumberGreenJuice-850x567White adipose tissue, where our extra fat pounds are stored, is in many ways a defense mechanism against excess; it keeps such excesses away from vital organs like your heart, liver, and kidneys. Toxins come from air pollution (formaldehyde), food (mold toxins and PCBs), pesticides on food, alcohol excess, digestive/sinus toxicity issues from overgrowth of Candida or bacteria, and many others. Fat toxins at low levels disturb thyroid function, reproduction, liver function, and general cell health.

Toxin excess is a common reason for rapid weight gain, both as a defense mechanism, and because the toxins are crashing metabolism. Some gain 25 – 50 pounds in a year when acute toxin challenges go unmanaged. Yet, when weight is lost they go back into your circulation so you must effectively clear them or you will feel crummy, fatigued, irritable, and/or simply not lose enough weight to reach your goals or quickly regain the pounds lost.

Weight loss under such circumstances is difficult so diet and exercise needs to be supplemented by focusing on your personal detoxification needs. One of the best ways to get started with the process is by undertaking a detox program with supplements that help to gently move the toxins out of the liver and other areas of the body while assisting with weight loss.

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