June 14, 2024

Anti-Aging by Mary Opfer MS, RDN

anti agingUnfortunately, there is no way to stop the clock from moving forward. Whether we like it or not we age and grow older. We can, however, have power in our lives to slow down the clock using food and a healthy life style. Take a look at fruits and vegetables many are high in nutrients, antioxidants and aid in the anti-aging process. It is the antioxidants ability to fight off free radicals, which cause chronic inflammation. This type of inflammation is one of the root causes of many age related diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Take a look at produce high in vitamin C, an anti-oxidant that aids in keeping skin free of damage, helps with constipation and plays a positive role in the immune system. Let’s not forget Vitamin K, found in dark leafy greens, which can help keep our vision sharp, especially as we age. Bring on the vegetables!

Eating a high quality protein source will help with aging as it helps with boosting muscle as well as keeps you feeling full. As we age we are likely to lose muscle mass and this will slow down our metabolism.

Omega 3 rich fish can help combat the aging process primarily because of its ability to fight inflammation. Be sure to purchase wild salmon to get the highest quality omega 3’s. Don’t eat fish? Try consuming plant based sources of omega 3 such as walnuts, and ground flaxseed. Speaking of fat be sure to consume healthy fats, those found in avocado’s and olive oil. These types of fat are great for heart health.

Make sure B vitamins are part of your diet as they regulate energy use in the brain and produce serotonin a neurotransmitter which help keep the brain working at full capacity.

Food is a great way to start your anti-aging strategy be sure to include exercise which contributes to living a longer and healthier life. Exercise and being active throughout your life helps maintain muscle mass and will in fact boost your metabolism. Something as simple as walking on a regular basis has a positive effect on your heart, lungs and even arthritis.
One of my favorite anti-aging breakfast includes antioxidant fruits, kefir for the probiotics and hemp seeds and nuts for added protein! It’s a win win recipe.

No Grain Cereal
Take one organic apple or pear and cut up in to small pieces and place in a bowl
Add to the bowl two tablespoons of toasted almonds or/and pumpkin seeds
1⁄2 cup of raspberries
1 teaspoon of Chia seeds
1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
Pour 3⁄4 cup of Kefir on top and Mix thoroughly