Meet Phil Altman, Pharmacist

I started out as a traditional pharmacist in my Dad’s pharmacy. However, I always knew I wanted to do something that would make a difference and circumstance led me to it.

The day came when a very unfair landlord failed to renew my lease and instead put in a CVS at our location. Looking toward the future, I came up with a concept to integrate a health food store and a traditional pharmacy so people would be able to benefit from both.

I had a sense that conventional and alternative healthcare were complimentary and I became educated about supplements and other alternative healing modalities.

As our reputation grew, women started asking for what was known at the time as natural hormones – as an alternative to the standard, mass-produced hormone replacement therapy on the market. So I did a lot of research, joined the compounding association, and realized that many of the people I knew were starting to enter into the menopausal phase of their life.

Unlike my parent’s generation, women today are generally not ok with feeling old at 65. They intend to have a good quality of life and strive to be physically, emotionally and sexually active until they are well into their 80’s. Today Bio Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy gives them a venue to do just that.